KrownMe is a brand unlike any other. Started in 2017 in Atlanta by King K Shands, KrownMe has taken off through the underground creative screen via the artists who uplift the culture and keep it thriving.

KrownMe is a self-empowerment royalty brand. The designer created a clothing line to motivate, encourage and inspire people to be their best regardless of their position or status in life. Our company believes your royalty comes from within, and we provide the attire that aligns with that greatness. Since 2017, KrownMe has sold more than 10,000 units. The clothing has been worn in music videos, and movies, and supported by hip-hop pioneers and prominent Atlanta officials. 

The placement of the crowns on the hats makes this brand unique. Along with the quality of the pieces, there is a distinct meaning behind the brand which makes it distinguishable from other brands. Our clothes have brand recognition similar to other mid-luxury brands like Ralph Lauren. It speaks to other people about who you are and what you think about yourself. 

The designer has always wanted to be different, and for his clothing to speak for him. He always wanted this brand to stand out. Being in Atlanta and other major cities shopping and watching how people are wearing their clothes activates his creativity. He ponders how he can make their outfits stand out. To be unique is why he has created statement pieces. The clothes have a voice, and he himself is inspired by what the brand says every day.


To empower and inspire our customers through fashion and art.


To create a self-empowerment/ lifestyle brand that inspires and motivates you to be the best ‘you’ you can be regardless of your status in this world.


We are all Kings and Queens. We just need to be Krowned.

Email: info@krownmeempire.com

Number: (404) 383-8280

Address: 2929 Turner Hill Rd, Lithonia, GA, United States